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Consulting Actuary

Robert W. BusbyRobert W. Busby, FSA, MAAA, joined the firm in January 2009. Bob has been a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries since 1981 as well as a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries since 1980.

Bob earned a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics in 1972 from the University of Northern Iowa.

Prior to joining the firm, Bob spent the last 9+ years as the Vice President and Actuary of the Credit Insurance Division at AIG American General (AG), where he served as the Appointed Actuary for American General Assurance Company. During his career, Bob has gained extensive knowledge and experience in credit rate pricing and profitability analysis, valuation, experience studies and reserve and asset adequacy analyses. Bob has also developed a Debt Protection rate factor model and was responsible for the valuation and reserve adequacy of both Debt Protection and GAP products.