Post 2021 NAIC CIEE Reporting

Need Conversion Factors for 2020 NAIC Credit Insurance Experience Exhibit (CIEE) Reporting? We have them here < To PDF >

Employee Anniversaries

We have a some key employees reaching milestones this year, and we want to highlight their longevity and accomplishments. So, at the risk of reinforcing how old we are all getting, please join me in congratulating:

Sean Dermody - Director of Business Development. Sean will have been with Hause Actuarial for 20 years this September. Sean has been valuable as a new business coordinator - making sure our bids get out on time and in compliance with specifications as well as finding new places our services can be utilized. Sean also acts as our projects coordinator, making sure our assignments stay on course and clients stay informed on progress.

Jeff Yeatman- Senior Vice President of Hause Monnin Consulting. Jeff will have been with GP Monnin / Hause Monnin for 20 years this October. Jeff runs all aspects of our Austin operation and provides quality and consistent consulting - as well as mentoring and providing support for Hause Actuarial projects. Jeff has been a valuable addition to the Hause team since the acquisition of Hause Monnin, and we enjoy working with him (and we know his clients do too). Congratulations and thanks, Jeff!

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We are committed to meeting all of the challenges faced by today's actuaries and insurance companies. We will use our resources and all tools available to get the job done on budget and on time. After you have had a chance to review our products please share your comments with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Recent Newsletter Articles

  • Interest Rate Update

    2022-Apr-21 - Christopher H. Hause

    Statutory valuation interest rates for life insurance will remain unchanged for 2023, with the "Whole Life" rate at 3.00%.
  • Recent Health Form Filings

    2015-Sep-03 - Rex Durington

    Hause Actuarial Solutions, Inc. (Hause) periodically reviews new health form filings as a service to our clients and friends. This installment of our review covers approved form and rate filings from July 2014 to July 2015. The predominant policy types approved during this period were for Critical Illness (9 companies), Hospital Indemnity (4 companies), and Accident products (3 companies).
  • New Actuarial Guideline for Indexed UL

    2015-Sep-03 - Christopher H. Hause

    Actuarial Guideline 49 interprets and sets limits on certain aspects of the Illustration Regulation for Indexed UL contracts. AG 49 was undertaken by LATF primarily to bring consistency and historical support for interest rates used for illustrations. The crafting of AG 49 represents an impressive collaboration and compromise involving various industry, consumer and regulatory interests.